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Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor


Hola peeps. It has been a long time ever since i updated this blog.  Hari ni entry pasal A New Beginning. As you can see kat atas tu. KMS singkatan nama bagi Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor terletak di Banting, Selangor. Okay sebelum kita sambung. Meh Tyra bawak korang jalan jalan dalam KMS. Apa yang special ? Haa jom scroll bawah.

credit give to those alumni :)  
New place, New friends, New memories, New knowledge, New goals, New life

From your left is Muznah Abdul. Modul 1 practicum SM1K2P1. She came from Sabah but stays at Setapak. Next is Shafiqah Umirah Bakar. Modul 2 practicum SM2K2P5. Stays at Shah Alam. That pink scarf is Nurliyana Shahar. She is an account student who sleeps early like everyday. Heh -_-

(ana, tera, amii, umai, error 404, fana, fatin)
(aza, shahida, aimi, emir, kril, muiz, deen, aisyahchan, amira, tayshya)

This is my favorite practicum SM3K2P4.
Its just like it is fun to have many friends that can helps you in studies. You'll find it is hard to finish your studies in KMS without the help of all of your friends. 
Being far from families, being independent all the time and never give up is the key to achieve success as a matriculation student.
When i was in secondary school, i never stop praying to Allah for giving me such a life that i've wanted since forever. And now i thanked to Allah for giving me such opportunities to gain what i've lost.

 " KMS is where good friends are always available for you.
KMS is where people learned to accept your behavior and same happen to you.
KMS is a place where you will find the real you which can turn into a better you.
KMS is a place where you can find many types of people, the ones that dislikes your existence also you can find -_- /what a life/ "

/To all my friends and family, I dont care about those DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching, the are your family